Hats off to Albion Online .

and to all those who fought for a rehaul of Albion Online. Albion deserves the development time it needs in order to create the MMO experience all of us have lacked for over a decade now.

Today we celebrate the best MMO news in years.

I’ve been on the forums since the Alpha tests, and the interaction the developers have had with the forum community has been outstanding.

I’ll be checking in every so often and offer any feedback I can. In the mean time I’ll be playing Vanilla World of Warcraft.

Give it time. Albion Online will prove that MMO’s aren’t dead.

World of Warcraft is Buy to play, subscription, buy to max level, buy to mount, buy to get gold. And still has more players than any other MMO to date.

The DEVs haven’t even released their full plan on this, yet you are angry at them? Sad.

Honestly, even with all the chaos and changes as of late, one of the best ideas for a MMO that I have had the pleasure to experience, and it’s not even released yet.
Don’t let a Beta view of things make you sour about the release. Of course things are on a larger scale with popular titles like WoW, but the concepts behind them can still work for smaller releases just as well, especially one that has such great charm like Albion.

You have already unlocked founder I assume, no since in not waiting until release to make your final opinions. I hope you do play, as I still think the game will eventually be where it wants to be, and I am sure they are striving hard to find a good balance with their payment methods and such.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I’m sure something like Albion is no small feat either.