Is everyone super-excited about Albion Online’s final beta test coming next month? Not only is there something magical about the word “final” in game development, but the fact is that this beta will come stocked with new and reworked features as well.

One of those revamped concepts is the new destiny board. The devs said that players should find this new version of the character build screen most welcome: “The destiny board is undergoing several changes, making it easier to unlock items while still requiring time and effort to become a powerful specialist. Gatherers and refiners will also have more options to specialize at the tier of their choice.”

With the August 1st patch, players will also see immensely powerful artifact weapons, the ability to change up spells on the go, and a revamped enchantment system.



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Albion Online Launches First Content Update

Albion Online is still in closed beta, yet the game’s first content update has already gone live! Called Aurelius, the update brings quality of life improvements, new dungeons, new spells, and much more!

Quality of Life

With the Aurelius update come a whole bunch of usability and user interface improvements. These improvements include a forced combat mode, which makes sure there’ll be no more accidental gathering or looting while in combat. Players can now also move by right-clicking on a destination. You will now be able to get to your destination without any distractions.


The newly introduced Spell Ready Highlight will make sure you no longer miss your spells when they’re ready. More chat channels are implemented as well, such as the Guild recruiting and major languages channels. Last but not least, an automatic retry or cluster exit will save players a lot of running, as they don’t have to run in and out of the exit area anymore.


Albion Online will have no shortage of dungeons with this update, as plenty of them are spread throughout Albion, populated by the Keepers, with some of them now having multiple entrances from different clusters.


Explore tree dungeon themes: Temple, Residence, and Mushroom Cave.

Encounter three new mobs: Knifelings, Marksmen, and Rainmakers.

Three new bosses waiting for bold adventurers: Seer Gallifax, Chieftain, and Old Grandpa.

New gateway system: certain gateway mobs spawn a portal to a deeper, more dangerous dungeon when killed.

You can read more about the new dungeon types here. To help battle the new mobs, ten new spells and abilities have been added, from a charging blade for swordfighters to an all-new AoE attack for the Crossword. There’s also a Christmas special, in which the cold-blooded Uncle Frost roams Albion’s dungeons and drops Christmas hats for those strong enough to best him! You can also start snowball fights in Albion Online’s festively illuminated cities and shoot fireworks.

More information on the Aurelius update and what the future of Albion Online will look like can be found on the official Albion Online website.

Cross Platform MMORPG Albion Online Gets First Lore Book

As one of 2P’s most anticipated mobile MMORPG in 2016, the cross platform title Albion Online has caught much attention. Albion Online and published fantasy author Peter Newman have teamed up to dive deep into the world of Albion and published an exciting novel about the ventures of its inhabitants in both paperback and eBook formats.

The book not only tells the tale of Albion Online’s world, but it also includes the adventures of some players and guilds from the actual game. It will give you a great opportunity to roam and delve into the lands of Albion even when taking some time off from playing the game itself.


Albion Online has only been in closed beta for a couple months, and you can visit our hub for more details. If you want to jump in now, you can buy one of the premium accounts on its official site.





The original purpose of Albion Online‘s learning point system was to create a balance mechanism for players with varying amounts of time to spend in the game. All well and good, but it caused another problem insofar as players could level up to a new tier and then wind up stuck there for an extended period of time. So the new version of the system makes learning points a bonus to acquire skills faster rather than the core mechanism for skills.

Learning points now acts as a quick way to level up to the next tier of fame, while fame requirements have been increased by a large amount. The net result is that hardcore players can still grind away after spending learning points, but it’ll be much slower going, and the gap between players who can grind and those who cannot remains small. It’s an interesting revision to the system, and players will have a chance to take it for a spin during the game’s closed beta.



If you see a frog hopping around in your MMO of choice, you probably don’t think about it too much. Either it’s just a bit of background decoration or it’s exactly what you need to kill if you want to farm up crafting supplies. Albion Online will not introduce you to a whole new world of frog simulation and elaborate new frontiers in amphibian interaction, but it is adding frogs into its swamp biome, and the most recent development diary explains how frogs went from an idea to a reality.

All right, it was more a progression where the idea of a toad became an idea of a frog and then an animated reality of a frog, but the important point is that it’s the process of creating a frog. There are even a few bits of sample hopping frog animation included. In the unlikely event that you think about frogs a lot, this may be the most important development diary you read all day.


Albion Online Introduces Upgradable Islands


In preparation for the closed beta of the first true cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online this November, developer Sandbox Interactive continues to bring good news to the fans of the Albion Universe – one of the most unique features, Albion’s system of Private Islands, receives a highly anticipated ‘upgrade’. After listening to community requests to expand upon the idea, the developers decided to improve the player experience by introducing different island levels with additional building and farming plots, as well as a broader variety of decorative options so that players can customize the environment.


In the major cities, players can purchase Private Islands as a hideaway place, where they can build houses and workshops, even decorate and farm. With the new system, the number of farming and building plots can now be increased with an investment of Silver. The upgrade clears off the rubble and any other obstructions allowing to expand the area which offers numerous opportunities on improving player’s own little private haven. A total of five levels of Private Islands is in the works, each providing different customization options for the player to make these habitats truly unique.

Two open-world Albion Online zones

I’ll agree on this. But with the LP being able to take away 60%+ of that requirement for when used, it’s still ridicilously better from a game theory perspective to multiaccount.

So by trying to stop one kind of behavior, you not only inadvertently encourage other behavior the devs have stated they want to avoid and to resolve something that more players still have a clear advantage at.

In the end this is about a certain list of behaviours which will cause damage to the game as it was intended to be. Each of those behaviours should be individually evaluated and fixes should consider the damage they are capable of doing, the damage they are likely to do in F2P, the damage they are currently doing in beta and weigh this agaisnt the cost of any proposed implementation.

I’ve given my best shot at it with the boredom suggestion. It wasn’t welcome by the community because the community is so hardcore it can’t accept taking the time to once or twice a day travel between two open-world zones, attack any mob and gather any resource (silver drop from mobs, or player loot included). Frankly, they’re SO HARDCORE they don’t have time to play the game like any normal person would for 30s per login, every 4 hour or day or whatever length of time makes it Albion Online Power Leveling discouraged to do the things that most of us doesn’t want them to do.

Why? Most likely because adding those 30s of work each and every time they want to login MrOreSmelter77 or HeavyPlateMailCrafter to do their thing would severely cripple their playstyle and make it further efficient to employ the market. The other reason against seems to be that people would buy premium for their subaccounts and that would be good for the economy.

Increase The Fame Of Albion Online

Ok I like the new stuff alright, but I really don’t get why they didn’t do this full out. Instead of increasing the fame pr unit killed (elite mobs) they should just divide the fame better. Right now they just made one of the better and balanced staff really Imbalanced as you can level up 5x faster then anyone else.

If they didn’t increase the fame pr unit but instead divided the fame so when you were in a group of 5 – all got maximum fame pr unit (same fame you would get by soloing) If you now are 6 or more people instead of 5 it should be divided as it does today.

If this change would happen you would see a lot more roaming around between 2-5 people and PvP would balancing it self a lot more ( I think ) and if you choose to zerg you won’t get the benefit of greater fame gain. And I know people won’t use their time not optimised…

When you get spotted by enemy players (and it will happen eventually). Using the evade tactics I mentioned earlier you should be able to create a good amount of distance between you and your pursuers. But they have horses and your Dash ability has a long cooldown timer. This is where things get interesting.

Albion Lore: Disciples of Morgana

Long ago, empowered by their leader, the mighty witch Morgana, the Disciples were able to channel demonic power in a number of ways. They wore special armor and weapons in battle. They controlled demons to sow chaos and destruction throughout the lands of Albion. However, after a great and devastating war, most Disciples laid dead on the battlefield, slain by magical energies.

Only a handful of knights and cultists survived, and they were the weakest of the group, saved by their own inexperience. For years, they hid in Albion’s darkest corners, scrabbling in the ruins of their castles for scraps of old knowledge. Very slowly, they began to piece together something of what was lost.

Albion Lore: Disciples of Morgana

The Disciples that remained were an impoverished shadow of what had come before, but they persevered, practicing the arts they knew and experimenting in the areas they did not. Their efforts were not in vain, and eventually the Disciples‘ rituals became powerful again.

Finally, they dared to venture back into Albion, sending out spies. They found much to their liking. And new people had come from across the sea. A strange and desperate bunch, greedy, ripe for manipulation. In closed councils the Disciples smiled to themselves and began to plan… they are keen to conquer Albion and, ultimately, the rest of the Old World. They are divided into three groups:

  • Disciples
  • Cultists
  • Champions

A broad group that encompasses all members of the faction that are not empowered by demonic energy. This includes knights, soldiers, crossbowmen, servants, crafters, all the people required to meet the basic needs of the faction.

They are united by a belief in the Disciples‘ path and, in most cases, a desire to ascend into the ranks of the Cultists or Champions. Even the greatest of the knights of Morgana pales in comparison to an empowered Champion. Unfortunately, very few are chosen, leading to a very competitive attitude among the regular Disciples and a tendency for Cultists and Champions to demand outrageous favours in return for their patronage.

Albion Lore: Disciples of Morgana

Only women are allowed to become cultists. The rule is adhered to without exception. The Cultists are the magical leaders of the Disciples. It is their power that allows contact with the demons, their skills that enchant the armour and weapons of the Champions and their rituals that imbue a select few with pure demonic power.

The Cultists enjoy many benefits from their association with demons. They are beautiful without exception, though this beauty borders on terrifying in the wrong light, and they would tell you that the years touch them but lightly. Certainly, there are no old looking cultists but whether this is due to immortality or the dangers of the profession is a matter for debate.

While the Cultists share similar goals there is lots of rivalry and competition among them. Such infighting is managed through a series of complicated laws. This means that conflicts can take years to resolve, stopping civil war within the faction but prolonging disputes. This is an important point if one is to understand the Disciples as it reflects their attitude to all things, namely that everything can be managed with the right discipline.

At their lowest level, the Champions are just that: the greatest of the Disciples’ warriors. The Champions wear armour enchanted with demonic magic and wield weapons with similar power behind them. What effect this has on their minds over the long term is unknown but is almost certainly detrimental.

Get far enough up the chain of command and something changes. Literally. At the highest levels, the Champions are living conduits for demonic power. This means they are bigger, stronger, harder to kill. They begin to take on the fiery aspects of a demon in addition to its features. In some cases, hands become claws or eyes start to flame or wings sprout from backs. But what happens is more than just a change in size or shape. The Champions that come out of the ritual are never quite the same people as the ones that go in. They become more arrogant, more violent, less human.

The Champions believe that just as they lead in battle, one of them should be named overall leader of the Disciples. The Cultists may work the rituals but they are the ones who walk the path. Who can understand the demons better than one who feels the fire in his blood?

The most powerful of the Champions form a union – they have become Demon Princes of Morgana. More demon than human, but this is a story for another day.