Albion Online Launches First Content Update

Albion Online is still in closed beta, yet the game’s first content update has already gone live! Called Aurelius, the update brings quality of life improvements, new dungeons, new spells, and much more!

Quality of Life

With the Aurelius update come a whole bunch of usability and user interface improvements. These improvements include a forced combat mode, which makes sure there’ll be no more accidental gathering or looting while in combat. Players can now also move by right-clicking on a destination. You will now be able to get to your destination without any distractions.


The newly introduced Spell Ready Highlight will make sure you no longer miss your spells when they’re ready. More chat channels are implemented as well, such as the Guild recruiting and major languages channels. Last but not least, an automatic retry or cluster exit will save players a lot of running, as they don’t have to run in and out of the exit area anymore.


Albion Online will have no shortage of dungeons with this update, as plenty of them are spread throughout Albion, populated by the Keepers, with some of them now having multiple entrances from different clusters.


Explore tree dungeon themes: Temple, Residence, and Mushroom Cave.

Encounter three new mobs: Knifelings, Marksmen, and Rainmakers.

Three new bosses waiting for bold adventurers: Seer Gallifax, Chieftain, and Old Grandpa.

New gateway system: certain gateway mobs spawn a portal to a deeper, more dangerous dungeon when killed.

You can read more about the new dungeon types here. To help battle the new mobs, ten new spells and abilities have been added, from a charging blade for swordfighters to an all-new AoE attack for the Crossword. There’s also a Christmas special, in which the cold-blooded Uncle Frost roams Albion’s dungeons and drops Christmas hats for those strong enough to best him! You can also start snowball fights in Albion Online’s festively illuminated cities and shoot fireworks.

More information on the Aurelius update and what the future of Albion Online will look like can be found on the official Albion Online website.

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