Two open-world Albion Online zones

I’ll agree on this. But with the LP being able to take away 60%+ of that requirement for when used, it’s still ridicilously better from a game theory perspective to multiaccount.

So by trying to stop one kind of behavior, you not only inadvertently encourage other behavior the devs have stated they want to avoid and to resolve something that more players still have a clear advantage at.

In the end this is about a certain list of behaviours which will cause damage to the game as it was intended to be. Each of those behaviours should be individually evaluated and fixes should consider the damage they are capable of doing, the damage they are likely to do in F2P, the damage they are currently doing in beta and weigh this agaisnt the cost of any proposed implementation.

I’ve given my best shot at it with the boredom suggestion. It wasn’t welcome by the community because the community is so hardcore it can’t accept taking the time to once or twice a day travel between two open-world zones, attack any mob and gather any resource (silver drop from mobs, or player loot included). Frankly, they’re SO HARDCORE they don’t have time to play the game like any normal person would for 30s per login, every 4 hour or day or whatever length of time makes it Albion Online Power Leveling discouraged to do the things that most of us doesn’t want them to do.

Why? Most likely because adding those 30s of work each and every time they want to login MrOreSmelter77 or HeavyPlateMailCrafter to do their thing would severely cripple their playstyle and make it further efficient to employ the market. The other reason against seems to be that people would buy premium for their subaccounts and that would be good for the economy.

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