Increase The Fame Of Albion Online

Ok I like the new stuff alright, but I really don’t get why they didn’t do this full out. Instead of increasing the fame pr unit killed (elite mobs) they should just divide the fame better. Right now they just made one of the better and balanced staff really Imbalanced as you can level up 5x faster then anyone else.

If they didn’t increase the fame pr unit but instead divided the fame so when you were in a group of 5 – all got maximum fame pr unit (same fame you would get by soloing) If you now are 6 or more people instead of 5 it should be divided as it does today.

If this change would happen you would see a lot more roaming around between 2-5 people and PvP would balancing it self a lot more ( I think ) and if you choose to zerg you won’t get the benefit of greater fame gain. And I know people won’t use their time not optimised…

When you get spotted by enemy players (and it will happen eventually). Using the evade tactics I mentioned earlier you should be able to create a good amount of distance between you and your pursuers. But they have horses and your Dash ability has a long cooldown timer. This is where things get interesting.

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