The 60,000 Founders Milestone of Albion Online

After two weeks since the start of Albion Online’s Closed Beta, the medieval sandbox MMORPG has hit the 60,000 Founders mark, according to the latest press release from Albion Online studio Sandbox Interactive. For the occasion, the developers have prepared a neat infographic showing off some interesting user statistics such as how many guilds, buildings and PvP kills appeared throughout the first two weeks of the Closed Beta, and the number of countries Albion’s Founders are based in.

The 60,000 Founders Milestone of Albion Online

“It is an amazing feeling to reach this milestone and have so many people enjoying your fruits of labor”, said Christian Ziegert, Head of Operations at Sandbox Interactive “We are grateful for all the support of our Founders and we will continue working closely with our community to keep improving Albion Online further.”

The 60,000 Founders Milestone of Albion Online

One of three Founder’s Packs – Veteran, Epic or Legendary is required to access Albion Online’s Closed Beta, each of which grants the player increasing amounts of Premium status time, extra gold, in-game Founder-only gear and more.

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