The Consumables And Potions of Albion Online

Consumables And Potions

Albion Online has updated its farming system in order to make food and potion production more robust. The biggest change in the free-to-play game’s update has to do with players now being able to procure items needed to make potions by growing them.

Instead of waiting on rare drops for alchemic recipes, players can now grow all herbs in the herb-garden. The system functions similarly to farming, and the herbs grown will be used to brew one of seven different types of potions having the following effects:

Consumables And Potions

A short heal over time effect
A short energy over time effect
A flask to revive an incapacitated ally
A strong increase of your defense values
A slowing field created at your feet
A potion that increases the regeneration of spell use
A potion that instantly removes negative effects
Food is grown on farmland, and also obtained by breeding and butchering animals for raw meat. Raw ingredients can then be converted into six different types of food, each having three tiers.

These are:

Consumables And Potions

Soup. Increases Health Regeneration outside of combat
Salad. Increases crafting speed and quality
Pie. Increases maximum load and gathering speed
Omelette. Reduces cooldown periods and casting times
Stew. Gives a bonus to combat damage
Sandwiches. Increase your maximum health
More information on Albion Online’s system overhauls and Closed Beta test is available on the official site.

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